From 0 to 5 stars, passive to active, sun to snow, East to West and from hammock to private butler. We cover it all! But always in developing countries and locally owned. Check our current hangouts!




Digging wine and great company?

Meet Katarina!


Finally time for some total relaxation and one of my favourite hobbies, wine! Hidden in historical vineyards in the South of Serbia I am living the time of my life.




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Let dreams be dreams, or not!

We strongly believe that every traveller is an explorer in essence. Impatient to explore beautiful landscapes and rich cultures. Who better to host, advise and guide explorers than a local? At the same time we are convinced that the key to development is to support existing local businesses. Go and explore and boost local economies in the process. Simple but effective.



Why develop(ing) countries?

We do our best to play our part in making this world a little better by helping beautiful people to get a better life. Therefore we do not take commissions, we just ask for a 10% admin fee on top of the hangouts’ fee. Play your part, hang with the locals!

Stay tuned!

We’re just getting started, so stay tuned for our latest news, brand new locations and the nicest locals!

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